Manon Survey – To producers

I am Manon, a French student in wine business. To complete my first year of MBA, I must write a thesis. I have chosen to speak about the Swedish monopoly on alcohol and what suppliers, from all around the world, think about it. To flesh out and justify my ideas I would like to have the opinion of the producers, trader, importer… on the monopoly held by the Systembolaget. To help me with my research work can you please answer a few questions? It will only take 5 to 7 minutes to complete this survey but will help me a lot with my paper ! If you are interested in knowing the results of this survey, you can receive it by providing me your email address at the end of this survey. The survey is completely anonymous and for research purpose. Thank you in advance for your help. Have a good day 😊

Your company

Question 1: What type of business are you?

Question 2: What type of alcohol do you produce or sell?
Question 3: Where are you exporting your products?
Question 4: Do you have an employee exclusively working on the export?

The Swedish Market

Question 5: Are you exporting to Sweden?
Question 6: Do you understand how the Swedish market works? (With the tendering process)
Question 7: Have you ever participated in a tender? If yes, did you win?
Question 8: Why do you find this market interesting? What are the advantages for you to sell in the Swedish market?
Question 9: Do you think it’s a hard market to work on?
Question 10: Is there anything that prevents you from participating?

Sustainable project

The Systembolaget wants to reduce his impact on the environment, they have start on April a new plan base on research of climate friendly tender. That include for example new packaging as can, PET, labels, BIB, Tetra and/or products certificate organic, biodynamic…
Question 11: What do you think about this project?
Do not hesitate to give me your opinion
Bonus: Would you like to receive the result of the survey?
Do not hesitate to give me your opinion

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