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Manon Survey - The Swedish monopoly

I am Manon, a French student in wine business. To complete my first year of MBA, I must write a thesis. I have chosen to speak about the Swedish monopoly on alcohol and what Swedish population think about it. To flesh out and justify my ideas I would like to have the opinion of the Swedish on the monopoly held by the Systembolaget. To help me with my research work can you please answer a few questions? It will only take 5 to 7 minutes to complete this survey but will help me a lot with my paper ! If you are interested in knowing the results of this survey (and a fabulous chocolate cake recipe) you can receive them by providing me your email address at the end of this survey. The survey is completely anonymous and for research purpose. Thank you in advance for your help. Have a good day 😊
Question 2: What is your gender?
Question 3: How often do you purchase at Systembolaget?
Question 4: How do you usually buy your products?
Question 5: Are you satisfied with the opening days and hours?
Question 6: Are you satisfied with the staff and their customer service?
Question 7: Are you satisfied with the diversity of the products offered in the shops?
Question 8: Do you like the fact that there are more and more products; organic, biodynamic, on plastic bootle, tetra pack...?
Question 9: The aim of the Systembolaget is to controle alcohol consumption, do you think it works?
Question 10: If you could change or improve something, what would that be?
Question 11: If you had the choice to keep the Systembolaget or to delete it to have less control on alcohol selling, what would you choose?
Bonus: Would you like to receive the result of the survey?
Bonus: Would you like to receive my favorite chocolate cake recipe with its wine pairing ?

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